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Chick norris

Formed in 2017, Chick Norris features guitar virtuoso, composer, and Chicago music veteran Lorrie Kountz on vocals and guitar, along with guitarist Laura Jansons, Pete Jansons on bass and Jeff Fite on drums. Chick Norris plays 80’s and 90’s new wave and alternative hits, and today’s current rock, retooling the songs that become their own signature. Chick Norris has proved to be a crowd pleaser--get up and dance! Chick Norris Kills Two Stones With One Bird!




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Chickuin Norris

Lorrie Knows Victoria's Secret

Lorrie Kountz is devoted to writing, recording, teaching, and performing music. She studied with world-renowned classical guitar teacher and performer Jack Cecchini, who mentored under Andres Segovia.

Being a virtuoso in both guitar and piano, she toured the United States, Canada and Mexico and has shared the stage with U2, Scorpions, Ramones, Cramps and New York Dolls to name a few. Lorrie has written and recorded ten Internationally distributed CD's/Vinyl with her projects Bitch, Surrendur Dorothi, Rash and Whatismu, highlighting several genres including Industrial, Rock and Punk.

Lorrie has appeared on television and radio specials including NBC, ABC, FOX, WGN and WTTW's 'Wild Chicago' feature. She has been highlighted in major publications such as Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, The Reader, Illinois Entertainer, and has been featured multiple times in Guitar Player Magazine.

Most recently, she has performed with Paul Barker (Puscifer/Ministry) in his project 'Lead Into Gold', and has just released a new CD with Whatismu 'Mara'.


Jeff Can Count to Infinity--Twice!

Jeff Fite picked up his first set of sticks at a friend's house when he was 7 years old. Early on, Jeff studied with Jake Jerger; he then spent time at Berklee before returning to Chicago where he studied with various jazz, rock, and Latin drummers and percussionists to satisfy his appetite for a deeper understanding of world rhythms.

After receiving his Percussion Performance certification, Jeff played with many bands before replanting his roots around Chicago. Some of those bands include Numbers, Exposé, The Rob Zettl Trio, Mosaic, and Funk Revolution, to name a few. He has spent time playing a wide variety of genres including Jazz, Latin, Rock, Prog/rock, and funk. He also spent 15 years playing and recording with the Willow Creek Community Church music ministry. Most recently, Jeff played with Second Time Around; Chicago-based alternative rock bands FoiL, Silversmoke; Vic Lombardi and the Chicago Seven (funk, contemporary rock); as well as with country/rock band Last Exit South. Current projects are Jazzilla (jazz, Latin, funk), PZ Trio (funk, blues, rock), and other side projects. He is on staff as the drum and percussion instructor at Music Workshop in Mundelein, IL.

This is a long-awaited reunion project of sorts, as Jeff had worked with Lorrie a few years ago on the original music project, Whatismu.


AJ Norris

Laura Kills Two Stones With One Birdd

Laura Jansons has performed live for a number of years, first as a member of Whatismu and now Chick Norris. Recorded two albums with Whatismu and created the video for the live shows.


Pete Norris

Pete Makes Onions Cry

Pete Jansons has played live, first as our rhythm guitarist and now on 5 string bass, with Chick Norris in a number of venues including Cubby Bear, Joe's Live, Taste of River North Chicago, Elbo Room, and Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL.





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